Bennington Physical Therapy (BPT) is a professional and comprehensive outpatient facility that has served local patients and businesses since 1985. BPT provides professional care and quality individual therapy that is available five days a week, and evenings if necessary. The clinic is conveniently located near the hospital and other medical offices at 328 Dewey Street in Bennington.

Bennington Physical Therapy has the equipment to treat orthopedic and neurological conditions, and more importantly, a staff that creates a positive educational experience for each person that comes through its doors. An emphasis on the prevention and treatment of physical, sport and industrial injuries allows the clinic to meet and treat a wide variety of people and their physical issues.

BPT has experience with all ages from pediatric patients, to elderly patients in need of general conditioning and balance training.

The incorporation of a preventative medicine program with an educational program is a well-established practice at Bennington Physical Therapy that ensures patients can care for themselves and maximize their recovery/rehabilitation. Individuals with physical injuries often struggle to receive a full understanding of their injuries. BPT works directly with patients to help them understand their problem and how physical therapy can help the recovery process, and also educates individuals on how they can assist in their own rehabilitation. This approach to rehabilitation is essential to Bennington Physical Therapy because a patient’s understanding of the cause and effect of their particular injury is paramount to a full and lasting recovery. As experienced physical therapists, BPT staff realizes the important and difficult role that motivation has in the successful recovery of its patients. The clinics therapists help individuals achieve their goals of improving and maintaining range of motion and strength by providing individuals with the education and tools to a well-planned, yet easy-to-follow home exercise program.

BPT provides a comfortable health oriented environment in a non-hospital-like facility that is full of outside light complimented by a friendly and caring office staff that is truly unique in their ability to greet and assist individuals in every possible way. The clinic has a large open gym and private treatment rooms easily accessible by ramp.

We have an established and excellent reputation with not only our patients, but with local doctors as well. The level of professional and personal care provided at BPT is most evident in the return of not only our current patients, but their children and grand-children as well! The physical therapists at BPT have a wide variety of manual skills and longevity of experience. One of our senior therapists, Jeffrey Videtto, has been practicing locally now for 40 years. Several other therapists have been raised locally and returned to BPT after their education. Our therapists have been educated and trained at universities such as Columbia University, University of Vermont, Russell Sage, Stony Brook University and Berkshire Community College.